Launch & Retrieve Boat Latch

L & R Boat Latch is a patented product that is affordable, easy-to-use and incredibly strong. It’s been called the ‘marriage saver’ since we launched it because it makes getting your boat in and out of the water quick and easy. You’ll look like a pro and feel like one too.

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The easiest way to launch & retrieve your boat!

There’s nothing better than a day on the water. But launching and retrieving a boat can be challenging. The ramp is often busy and there could be long lines. You don’t want to be tramping in and out of the water, hitching, unhitching and struggling to winch up your boat, with an impatient audience watching your every move.

Don’t spoil your day out messing around with your boat and trailer down at the ramp.

Get boat-ready and start your next adventure!

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What makes L & R Boat Latch the best on the market?

L & R Boat Latch has been taking the boating world by storm since our product launch. That’s because our system is unique, robust and fully automatic, making it easy to get in and out of the water. Plus, it’s easy to fit and you don’t have to drill holes or weld anything to your expensive and beautiful boat.

High Strength

Whether you’ve got a small fishing boat or a large catamaran, our latch can handle it all.

Fully automatic

Automatic (no strings attached) launch & retrieve system keeps you out of the water and looking like a pro.

Easy to fit

No need to drill holes or weld any parts, and our expert team is ready to provide any advice.

Safer boating

Stay out of the water and safe from injury!

Sound good? Get in touch with us today. Let’s see how we can help you start your journey!

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Shop the L & R product range

All our products have been rigorously tested (i.e., abused) by Aussie boaties since day one. And we’re proud that they’ve proven to be strong, robust and ready for on-the-water action!

Effortless launch & retrieve. Shop L & R Boat Latch Now!

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Dealers & fitters for the L & R Boat Latch

We have an incredible network of authorised dealers, fitters and installers who are more than equipped to help you with your L & R Boat Latch system. Whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand or the US, we’ve got a professional near you!

Need to find a dealer or installer?

We’ve got dealers all across Australia, New Zealand and the US. Or you can order directly from us!

Want to become a dealer or installer?

Great! This is a product that really works, and one that you’ll be thrilled to supply to your own customers!

What customers say

Our customers are real boaties who love the ease and speed of the L & R Boat Latch system. Check out what they think!

“The launch and retrieve system is an absolute beauty”

I have got to say that the launch and retrieve system is an absolute beauty. I quite often launch and retrieve my boat by myself and it makes the start of the fishing trip dry and hassle free and at the end of the day I’m in and away whilst others are getting wet, cold and frustrated. After a year or more of use it is blemish free and a testament to the quality of the stainless used and the build quality.

Andrew McNicol

“Boating at the ramp cannot get any easier”

It’s three years since I installed the Release and Retrieve Boat Latch to my 5.5 metre AMM plate boat and another to a 7.4m AMM Tournament boat.Boating at the ramp cannot get any easier, simpler or expedient utilising this boat latch. While everyone else is doing battle with winch handles, ropes and chains. I am either boating over the horizon or on the way home.

Rick Huckstepp

“I am now the envy of boat owners”

Hi Guys, I bought one of your latches from your stall at the Brisbane Boat Show this year to install on my new 560c Barcrusher. The installation of it was so easy. No spacer plates or extra welds were needed as it fitted perfectly. I am now the envy of boat owners at the Hervey Bay Boat Club ramp as I launch and retrieve my boat by myself with ease.

Darren Rechner

Love these reviews? There’s more where that came from.

Need help? Check out our resources.

From installation guides to FAQs, we’ve got the information you need. And if you do have a question not answered here, just shout out. Our team is always ready to offer advice!

Say goodbye to stressful launches. Get your L & R Boat Latch system today!

Look like the pro you are with the L & R boat latch system!

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