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Launching your boat with L & R

Launch your boat quickly and easily and look like a pro doing it!

Once the boat is at the water’s edge, set the latch to ‘retrieve’, then release the safety chain and winch cable. This will let the boat slide back off the trailer and be caught by the latch. Once you’ve done this, set the lever to the ‘launch’ position.

Reverse the boat into the water ensuring the roller and slides are about 50mm (2”) below the water. It’s important that you don’t go so deep that the boat is able to float off the trailer.

Start the boat motor and ease forward gently. The patented spring-loaded latch will automatically release.

…and enjoy a stress-free day on the boat!

Boat launch demonstration

Getting your boat in the water has never been easier! Check it out.

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Now let’s look at the steps for retrieving your boat with the L & R Boat Latch

Retrieving your boat with L & R

Getting your boat up and out of the water has never been easier!

Set the latch on the trailer to the ‘Retrieve’ position. This is the starboard position of the latch.
Reverse the trailer into the water until the roller and slides are about 50mm (2”) below the water. It should be in substantially the same depth as you would use for a launch.
Drive the boat onto the trailer until you’re about 1 metre from the latch, then stop.
Give the boat a few seconds to settle, then gently drive it up the last metre to the latch on the trailer. The latch will slide over the snare and automatically connect. Your boat is now securely held!
Once you’re firmly connected to the latch, turn your motor off and lift your propeller up. You can now exit the water.
Move the boat and trailer about three metres (10 feet) out of the water. Secure your boat for safe travel by attaching the winch hook to the snare and winching the boat up so the bow is firmly on the roller or V-block.

Boat retrieval demonstration

Get your boat out of the water and onto the road without getting your feet wet!

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Important: Always disengage your latch for road travel!

The latch should always be disengaged for road travel. After loading the boat, safety chains and the winch cable/strap and the tie down straps must be used to secure the boat to the trailer.

Note – this is required by law.

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